Flat Rack Shipping Containers

For when you need a container to accommodate cargo with odd shapes or with dimensions larger than the general purpose and open top containers, Port Container Services has the flat rack container. Flat rack containers can be conveniently loaded from either the top or the sides. They have a high loading capacity and plenty of stability provided by their end walls, so that they may be stacked, one on top of another.

Flat racks are popularly used for shipping oversized items such as vehicles and heavy machinery, large industrial parts, construction materials, pipes, and large water tanks. The flat rack container has a flat bed, comes in either 20 or 40 foot sizes, and consists of either collapsible ends, fixed ends, or platform. If you need your flat rack to be able to be reduced in size for easy stowage and transport, we recommend choosing collapsible ends. All flat racks are outfitted with elements such as ringbolts for securing cargo. When choosing between our flat rack and our open top containers, consider that they serve similar purposes, but the flat rack better supports heavy and very high cargo.

Like the rest of our container product line, our premium flat rack containers sell at a very competitive price and are available new or used. We offer fast Australia-wide delivery and a money back guarantee as with all of our modified products.

For more information about our convenient and versatile flat rack containers, call us at 1300 368 735 or fill our quote form for a complete price guide. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Features & Benefits

End walls are fixed, removable or foldable
Cross floor lashings for securing load
Perfect for large awkward cargo


Transporting machinery by rail
Large construction and mining equipment
Temporary bridge


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