High Cube Shipping Containers

Similar to our general purpose container, but supplying an extra foot in height (9'6”), our high cube containers are perfect for storing or transporting items that are too tall for the standard shipping container. The high cube container comes in standard sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet.

High cube containers are useful for storing or transporting any kind of dry general cargo, but their extra cubic capacity makes them ideal for light, voluminous cargo.

Like the general purpose container, the high cube container is made with high quality solid steel structural components and timber flooring. It comes standard with full 270 degree opening double doors. And as with all of our other shipping container products, the high cube container is customisable. Optional accessories include whirlybirds, air vents, additional doors, ramps, heavy duty shelving, and full paint inside and out.

Port Container Services' high cube containers are Australian-made, competitively-priced, and available new and used to suit your budget. We offer fast Australia-wide delivery and a money back guarantee as with all of our shipping container products.

For more information about our high cube container, call us at 1300 368 735 or fill out a quote form for a complete price guide. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Features & Benefits

Extra foot taller then standard container
Safe & secure
Wind and water tight
Vermin proof
Hire or sale
Portable storage


Store room
Personal & business storage


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