Insulated Shipping Containers

When you have to store or transport products which require protection from temperature extremes, you need an insulated shipping container. Port Container Services specializes in the manufacture and delivery of high quality insulated containers proven to protect your food, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.

Our insulated containers are equipped with extremely heavy insulation, ensuring the preservation and security of your valuable, sensitive goods. Like all of our specialized container products, the insulated container consists of heavy duty steel frames and comes in sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet. Steel or timber flooring and double doors with 270 degree opening come standard. We offer you the options of a recycled refrigerated container or an insulated general purpose container.

As with all of our products, we offer a wide range of modifications and accessories, including additional doors, container ramps, heavy duty shelving, and full paint. Our insulated containers are Australian-made. And like the rest of our containers, you have the options of container signage, specialty flooring, gantry systems, and more.

The insulated container is available for purchase in new or used condition. No matter where in Australia you have a need for insulated containers, Port Container Services can meet that need. We deliver our insulated containers all over Australia - directly to your door. And our various container depots through Australia allow us to deliver more quickly and for less money than our competitors.

So when you must protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods, Port Container Services has the high-quality, well-priced insulated containers you need.

For more information about our insulated containers, contact us at 1300 368 735 or fill out our quote form for a complete price guide. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Features & Benefits

Steel T-section flooring for NOR containers
Timber flooring for Insulated GP
Stainess steel interior
Air tight container doors
Range of accessories available


Keeping contents at a steady temperature
Storing expensive furniture
Storage of flowers
Remote areas


20ft Insulated Shipping ContainersInsulated Container (NOR)Non Operational Refrigerated ContainerInside an Insulated ContainerInsulated Container T Section FlooringInsulated Panel Containers


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