Open Top Shipping Containers

Our open top containers are similar in construction to our general purpose containers, but are designed to hold cargo that either is too tall to fit in a general purpose container, or cargo that must be loaded from the top. Oversized cargo such as timber or scrap metal can be easily top loaded via crane and covered by a removable TIR-approved PVC tarpaulin (aka tilt) instead of a rigid roof. The tarpaulin is water and wind resistant. In addition to the removable tarpaulin covering, the open top container also comes standard with end doors for further flexibility in loading and unloading.

Like the rest of our shipping container products, Port Container Services' open top container is made with high quality solid steel structural components. It comes standard with hardwood or plywood flooring to diffuse odors and stains. And as with all of our other shipping container products, the high cube container is customizable. Optional accessories include whirlybirds, air vents, additional doors, ramps, heavy duty shelving, and full paint inside and out.

We also now offer hard top units that have a removable steel roof which are lockable with side handle latches. With the removable roof, and door header can be swung out making it much easier to load cargo using a crane via the door side.

No matter where in Australia you have a need for open top containers, Port Container Services can meet that need. We deliver our open top containers all over Australia - directly to your door. And our various container depots through Australia allow us to deliver more quickly and for less money than our competitors.

So if you have oversized or awkwardly shaped cargo requiring an open top container, call us at 1300 368 735 with any enquiries. Or fill out a quote form for a complete price guide. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Features & Benefits

Soft Top and Hard Top units available
20' and 40' sizes
Top loading accessibility
Internal container lashings


Road and rail transport
Long and short term storage
Home and business use
Load of bulky goods


Hard Open Top Container40' Open Top Container20ft Open Top ContainerOpen Top Container RoofOpen Top Container TarpaulinLoaded Open Top Container


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