Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Port Container Services' special refrigerated containers can control their internal temperatures. This allows for the preservation and international transport of everything from meat, produce, and dairy products to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The refrigerated container is furnished with a variable temperature control allowing you to choose to keep your perishable goods at anywhere from -25°C to +25°C as necessary.

Our refrigerated containers are constructed of steel frames – of the same high quality as our regular shipping containers, but also featuring heavy insulation. Refrigerated containers generally come in the same two standard sizes as unrefrigerated containers: 20 foot and 40 foot lengths. They consist of the same general dimensions of the original shipping containers, however contain slightly less internal cargo space due to the space needed for refrigeration and ventilation equipment.

Like our other shipping containers, our refrigerated containers can be modified according to your needs. We can install refrigerated container shelving, lighting, PA doors, butcher doors, and lock boxes.
The refrigerated container comes standard with a 3 phase refrigeration (requiring a 415 volt power supply), but we also offer a single phase refrigeration if you prefer.

No matter where in Australia you have a need for refrigerated containers, Port Container Services can meet that need. We deliver our refrigerated containers all over Australia - directly to your door. And our various container depots through Australia allow us to deliver more quickly and for less money than our competitors.

So if you have valuable, temperature-sensitive, or perishable cargo which requires a reliable, high-quality refrigerated container, contact us at Port Container Services for a quote or with any enquiries.

Features & Benefits

Steel T-section flooring
Stainess steel interior
Air tight container doors
Range of accessories available


Keeping contents at a steady temperature
Storing perishable foods
Storage of flowers
Remote areas


40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers20' Refrigerated Shipping ContainerRefrigerated Shipping Containers Loaded on TruckUsed Refrigerated Shipping ContainerOpen Refrigerated Shipping ContainerRefrigerated Shipping Container with Curtain


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