Side Opening Shipping Containers

A traditional shipping container has a set of doors only at one end of the container. Side opening containers are shipping containers which have been outfitted for side access through additional large side doors. They are designed for customers who need a general purpose shipping container, but need side cargo doors allowing for a full opening of the side of the container. This provides greater ease of loading and unloading. Side opening containers are ideal for oversized cargos that otherwise would not fit into standard opening rear access doors and thus would not be transportable by shipping containers. Having side opening doors also allows more freedom in positioning the container; the container can be situated lengthwise while access to the contents is retained.

Our side opening container comes in a standard 20 foot container size, with the same footprint as the original 20 foot container, however we can modify a 40 foot container for side opening if you require. The side opening container has two sets of doors. Like the standard shipping container, the side opening container still contains the standard double doors at the front which open to 270 degrees, as well as solid timber flooring and solid steel structural components.

Like the original shipping container, the side opening container is available new or used and can be utilised for portable storage or transport. And, like all of our containers, they can be modified according to your specifications.

20' & 40' side opening shipping container features:

Solid steel structural components
Solid timber flooring
Standard double doors – full 270 degree opening
Large side opening doors for easy access and large cargo
New and used containers available
Security lock box available upon request

Accessories include:

Custom paint
Air vents
Additional doors
Container ramps
Heavy duty shelving

Features & Benefits

Timber flooring
Standard double doors
Bi-fold side doors
Internal container lashings


Loading bulky equipment
Mine sites
Generator transport


Side Opening ContainerSide Opening Container with open doors 20ft Side Opening ContainersStacked Side Opening ContainersSide Opening Containers on TruckInside a Side Opening Container


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